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Why use a reale estate agent ? What is his mission?

The agent is a person who performs independent activities, or for third parties, in function of the sale, purchase, exchange, lease or transfer of real estate property or commercial businesses.

More information concerning real estate agents on the IPI website (Professional Institute of Estate Agents)


Buy or rent in Vielsalm ?

If you want to buy or rent a home in Vielsalm, visit the city’s website for all relevant information concerning the sale, purchase or rental of property.


How can you calculate the notary fees when buy a property ?

When you buy a property, you must pay the notary fees consisting of registration fees, charges … The website of the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries provides an online calculator to get an estimate of the costs. For information about the Notaries in Belgium, please visit


Checking the fuel tank in Wallonia ?

What determines the legislation applicable to tanks in Wallonia?
Since January 1, 2005 the placement of an anti-overflow system for all fuel tanks of 3000 litres and more is mandatory. In addition, a surface visual inspection, or an ultrasonic inspection of underground tanks is highly recommended. This check is mandatory since January 1, 2005 or at the latest 10 years after the issuance of the permit. More information on the site


EPC ? What is it … ?

EPC or Energy Performance Certificate of buildings is a tool that allows the buyer or tenant to compare objectively the energy performance of buildings on the market. Anyone who sells or lease an existing residential building must be in possession of a valid energy performance certificate. Owners, who have not been able to forward a valid certificate in time, are subject to an administrative fine. A certificate is valid for max 10 years. Everything you need to know about the EPC is located on the site


Control of electrical installations.

Since July 1, 2008, when selling a property, the seller will have to have the electrical system low voltage checked. All homes are involved: houses, apartments, rooms, and local places used for housing one or more people in a family or community. This control of the electrical system is intended to ensure the safety. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, TV, … one cannot do without! Unfortunately, these machines are very energy hungry, and weigh heavily on the electrical system. Homes built before 1981 are mostly still equipped with an out dated system, and this is a real danger. About 15% of household fires could be prevented if the installation would have been modified.


Legislation on money laundering ?

In the context of legislation on money laundering and the law of 11th January 1993 on prevention, we need to verify the identity of customers with a form and, after the last European initiative on February 6th, 2013, we are obliged to check the identity or the passport. For more information on this legislation, please visit the website of the Professional Institute of the Belgian real estate agents